It is vacation time

Starting from Memorial Day and extending to Labor Day, many churches close programs due to the summer season. The remainder of the few group sharing events is limited to "cliff note" shows. The thinking of these "summer vacations" is based on the theory that people need a vacation to enjoy nature's invitation. Unfortunately, during this mandatory time for church displacement, many Bibles are also given a break from open exposure. People who appear to be experiencing the most negative impact during a "forced break" are young people. I have always believed, and I will continue to believe, that the future of our country will be determined according to the ethical and ethical standards of our young generation. It is imperative that our children be taught the principles of the Bible. It is necessary for them to learn how Jesus was able to face societal temptations. They need to know the importance of living in a Christian life. Our youth must see life through the pages of the greatest writings ever collected. They should see how many biblical personalities falter, falter and fall, and after God has forgiven, she recovers. Our children must learn to travel through the Epistles of the Apostle Paul to see how people have learned to trust God even in spite of difficult life situations. There should not be a break in these teachings just because it is summer.

Some of the reasons given to limit church activities during the summer are that it is difficult to find temporary teachers or generate continuous interest from people. I think this shows not only the lack of "serious faith", but the naivety of the signs of our time. Satan's priority is to defeat anything that can be attributed to God. If he could make the believer "close" then he would have the upper hand. The devil does not take summer! In fact, it is one of its most active times of the year. If there is time to "calm" our spiritual lives, then this will happen during the summer months. There is nothing wrong with taking vacations, but it should not be at the expense of our spiritual mission.

It was the policy of a number of churches to transfer Sunday services to a new start time during the summer. The reason is that people will be able to enjoy more entertainment experiences. More churches offer evening services on Saturday, so that Sunday is free from church "obligations". Why is it so difficult to give the Lord a full day of bodily activities? Sunday turned into another regular day. Sunday was a day of rest and reflection. It was a day to give the gospels additional exercise. It was time to have a deeper conversation with God. (Always remember that prayer is a two-way street that is not divided by a double yellow line.) Sunday was the time of the visit, especially with closings and the needy. The Lord's Day was the time to catch our second winds. When we fail to give the Lord a certain day, we will be unwilling to face the trials that will surely confront us.

I like looking at summer as a time for intensive training for a believer, a time to increase the skills that God has given us. While noting the state of the church, I see many non-committed Christians playing games instead of engaging in spiritual warfare. Satan knows the weakness of every believer and will use it to his advantage. Instead of reducing church programs during the summer months, let's reinforce what we already have. If a Christian is not serious about his faith, perhaps he should raise the white flag of surrender and allow the rest to show what true faith is.